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28-Oct-2017 21:52

JPG Le Male Heavy chili/ spicy notes and you get 212 Sexy Men. This is by no means sexy and if you're looking to offend people, wear this. It smells like powder now, no wait its vanilla, no now its back to powder again. It lasts a long time, I could smell it after 8 hours without having to dig my nose into my skin but it does not project much.I was really hoping this one would be good considering Carolina Herrera is my favorite designer and she hasnt let me down until now. My mind is amazed at my nostrils as it tries badly to identify either scent. It's that kind of fragrance you wear only if you want people to smell you when they whisper in your ear or give you a hug.

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The notes that I'm able to pick up as soon as I spray it is mandarin orange as well cardamom. am not big fan for vanilla but this one is magic very pure and the touch of musk & amber very magic in dry down..good mix sillage moderate longevity is very good well done Carolina Since I bought this cologne, my friends and mom said that I smells good.Online shops offers: Fragrance 3 items for 20.79 - 38.99 USDFragrance EUR 3 items for 36.28 - 46.32 EURFragrance 3 items for 42.29 - 53.99 USDStrawberry EUR 2 items for 50.00 - 68.00 EURView products...212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera is a Oriental Fougere fragrance for men. 212 Sexy Men was created by Alberto Morillas and Rosendo Mateu. That first spray is strong and mixed with powerful emotions like an angry orange eating a flower on a suede blanket with baby powder being sprinkled around..and maybe a drop or two of vanilla oil. So saying that i'd buy this for someone I really didn't care for. from time to time it´s good it really reminds me the smoothness of original Le Male this is the best men fragrance from Carolina Herrera. Hell yeah it makes you feel sexy just like it's name. Sillage: 5/10 interestingly it performs a little better when in motion. No but I know people who love it and it works well on them so take it with a grain of salt.Top notes are mandarin orange, bergamot and green notes; middle notes are cardamom, flowers and pepper; base notes are vanilla, sandalwood, guaiac wood, musk and amber. Gives off a repulsive BO smell after a few minutes of initial spray. After the dust clears up this is where my skin goes bi-polar and the powder and vanilla begin to compete for attention. It smells fresh from start to finish, not floral, but something cooling, like it's ice or toothpaste.I am still finding out how is performing, so far 2 hrs. Upon re-sampling recently, It reminded me of fragrance flankers like Hot Water, or the older Xeryus Rouge but still with those synthetic and green tones of the original poking through. I assume it's meant to be the sexy part of this fragrance. 212 Sexy Men is indeed quite similar to JPG Le Mâle, but not as bold and intrusive. Glad I got a sample of this, will probably get myself a bottle. EDIT: I'm at the end of my 3 ml sample now, I like this scent even more now.

only since I sprayed it on, it has dried down closely to the skin, I think it has moderate to low sillage. The overall feel though is one of creamy vanilla, musk, amber and spiced woods which oddly retains quite a masculine demeanor throughout. ) that shuts down the candy smell so it smells very pleasant. No problems with longevity on my skin and the projection seem just right. But if other people think it has a b.o smell, I'm not buying it. :/ I tried this at a mall and had my wife and 3 of her female friends smell it from my wrist and they all had one conclusion, it smells like a bad body odor. I'm not saying that the people that loves this doesn't have a taste. Let's just say that I stole this from a fiend and then my other friend stole it from me. Bottle: 8 Scent: 9 Longitivety: 9 So I read the last review and thought I would compare to Le Male... Its really nice when you spray Individuel over it (The mix is similar to Le Male Terrible). probably not something I would buy though to me, the drydown seems a bit more refined and less powdery than Le Male.. First of all, I don't get vanilla from this and this does not come off feminine in any way.